About Integrity Property Surveys

A local company with named contacts that is easy to reach and has more than just an impersonal online service.

Integrity Surveying Ltd offers both homeowners and commercial property clients a local company with named contacts that is easy to reach and has more than just an impersonal online service.

Our phone numbers are clear at the top of the page and our address is on our contact page, no searching through pages of text to find it. We like things kept simple and uncomplicated, as much as is possible in this world, which is why we avoid jargon and have explained each of the services we provide in simple terms. Contact us and ask for a free example building, home buyer, home condition or commercial survey so you can check that what we provide is what you need.

David Powell - A personal profile

I am Dave Powell and I set up Integrity Surveying. As for my experience, I like the hands on approach. I have renovated and managed extensions to my own properties over many years and fitted pipe-work, built brick walls and replaced floors, basically most things to do with general building.

DSCF1066Having done the hands on work I served as an Assistant Establishment Works Consultant on Ministry of Defence Sites before qualifying and then serving as a Senior Building Control Surveyor with a local authority Building Control. I also worked for myself freelance carrying out insurance assessment work, surveying for Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s), measured surveys for building extensions and general surveying. It is both my experience and enthusiasm for it that helps me to ensure that Integrity Surveying offers the best possible service to you.

Rachel Berridge has qualifications in book keeping and has more than a decades experience in the surveying industry. Rachel organises the office and will most likely be your first point of contact when you call us. Rachel is knowledgeable in surveying and can give you advice on what sort of survey is going to be best for you as well as other general advice.

img_2418-1We also call on the services of two other surveyors from time to time both well qualified and knowledgeable in structure and commercial valuation. Our contacts also provide us with structural engineers who can help and provide structural calculations if you are considering alterations or extensions to your property.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help ensure that we can provide what you need from building surveys to general advice and we are always happy to help.


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