Home Condition Reports

A report about the general condition of a property with any problems highlighted

An easy to understand report for newer properties covering the essentials.

For newer type properties less than 50 years old built with traditional materials.

img_0692Whilst not in as much depth as a Building Survey, it goes in to a good detail about the condition of the property  and highlights any problems found. A rating is provided for each element or part of the structure and fittings  and will provide general advice about maintenance.


For buyers it gives you the peace of mind that nothing has been “papered over” both literally or otherwise so avoiding any nasty surprises when you move in. For sellers it gives you a competitive advantage as any questions raised by the buyer or Mortgage Company about the condition and structure of the property are already answered in the report and this can speed up the sale too.

DSCF2765These surveys are typically 10 to 15 pages long and have photos throughout to help with the written details. Call us for a free example survey so that you can see that what we provide is what you need or call us for a quote.