Home Buyer Report (HBR)

This is a standard RICS report suitable for newer properties.

This is a standard RICS report suitable for newer properties and gives a general description of the condition of the property as well as a valuation..

It lists any major problems that are found but does not go into depth. Instead it suggests what further investigations should be undertaken and gives a rating of the condition of each part of the property. It does img_0854however, provide you with a valuation of the property and gives a rebuild cost.

This is a suitable report if you want to check that the sale price is reasonable, especially if you are a cash buyer. Or, if you have only had a valuation from your mortgage company and want to know if there are any issues that will need to be looked at before completing your purchase. Call us for a free example survey so that you can see that what we provide is what you need or call us for a quote.